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OFAN launch EC inline fan!(201605)


More detail please refer to column "in-line fan-EC inline fan" 

The  newly product---ultrathin &silence inline fan


Lastest Certicication on DC FAN Series(20130516)


More detail please refer to column "in-line fan--ultrathin fan" 

CE Certification No.:0130502035

Licence Issuing Authority: CCA China


Recruit agents and distributors (20130326)

1. DC/EC external rotor motor centrifugal fan, axial fan, high technology leading energy-saving ventilation refrigeration industry era.

2.Circular/ rectangular in-line fan, with the feature of low noise, compact structure, easy installation,etc,is suitable for public places, upscale hotel ventilation project.

3. The two-phase hybrid stepper motor drivers, highly intelligent, widely used in engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, transmission equipment and other precision instruments.

Guangzhou OFAN ELECTRIC CO.,LTD sincerely welcome the domestic and abroad dealers to join us.

Warmly celebrate the company move into Jinhe Industrial Zone
Please note
the modification of the contact information of our company.Adress:Room 301, Jinhe Industrial Zone, No.8 first road of Huanjiao,Shijing town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China
Warmly celebrate the company move into high-tech industrial park
Due to the strict investigation and the requirement of development, the government approved the company has been
selected for the annual high-tech enterprises, which moved into high-tech industrial park on  November 1.Please note
the modification of the contact information of our company.Adress:Room 302,No.1 Building, the189#, Dunhe
Road,Haizhu Venture Park, Haizhu  District,Guangzhou, China (2009.11)

New product!!!-- Rectangular Duct Fan put into production officially(2009.6)
In order to meet customer demand better, our company developed a new type of duct fan-- rectangular duct fans
finally, which put into production on July 1.The product is elaborate design, particularly for each countries, main features are: low noise, stable performance, small size, etc.. At present it`s leading level in China. Meanwhile,
the company launched a series of new products, such as diameters 133mm 160mm 180mm external rotor motor fans with

Celebrate DC brushless fans developed successfully in November.(2008.5)

Cooperating with the European famous company continuously.
Following the 2007 cooperation, we will continue to cooperate deeply with the well-known European company on the
basis of equal and mutual cooperation.
Recently, my company exchanged the idea about mechanical and electrical industry with the  representatives of well-
known enterprise deeply and broadly.
Participating in  exposition of International refrigeration, air-condition and ventilation installation in
Stuttgart, Germany (IKK).
Our external rotor fans, external rotor motors will be shown on the Germany exhibition following the the show in Spanish international air-condition exhibition. We believe it would draw enthusiastic response as we showed  on the other exhibition as before, products not only are widely claimed for high quality , but also got many orders. We have taken a solid step forward in mechanical and electrical industry qround the world.(2007.6)





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